Friday, August 22, 2008

no idea

I have no idea why I am excited about school. I must be plain simple or quite crazy.

It was in all its giddiness, quite sickening. Guys giving me a man hug. Yeah, I got a manhug from Dell. Yeah, he'd been away all summer. Didn't get over once to play any video games with him. He didn't even go anywhere this summer. Poor guy.

Then there was smooth Jared who thinks he's every girl's darling. More like thier nightmare. He just can't help himself but to go steady with somebody. Which I thought was over and done with in middle school. But he's got it going. Met some girl at this workshop to make him a better actor. Of course, we only do like one play a year, how great do you have to be?

I stayed away from Jen and her many thoughts on Theo in Florida. It was such a wasted day.

There was actually, a new girl, Stephanie. But she looks like the bookworm type. I said hi, but I'm pretty sure she didn't notice and even if she didn't well, I'm probably not her type.

Big goal today...stay away from Jen who would be talking nonstop about Theo which would have made me yawn. I drove Sarah home so she wouldn't have to take the bus.

I hadn't seen her in forever and well, she smokes now. Bummer. But I keep the windows open. Its not so bad.


Cate said...

if this story was made into a film, i know exactly who could play Jared: zac efron. he thinks he's every girl's darling even if he's more like their nightmare ^^ Jared seems pretty full of himself, going to an acting workshop when he only does one play a year... but then, if he likes it, i'll leave him. i can understand it, i think acting is fun too.

simon n josh said...


UmassSlytherin said...

I have to agree with cait: zac would make a spectacular addition to the cast!!!!!

I really love the lonnie story, can't wait for more! very well done: I love it from a guy's perspective, it just flows so well. Excellent writing! The characters are so likable and believable. Great job!

taffy. said...

poor lonnie.
like, i really like him.
but he keeps putting others before him!
steph= good.
i think.

autumn said...

she's too young to smoke. o_O

i heard that bummer. my friend likes saying that. lol.