Saturday, August 23, 2008

the other man

OK. I could really see myself maybe going out with Sarah. Except for one thing. She has a boyfriend. He's in college. I don't know why I drove her home. I wasted my gas and everything. And I want to say it was worth it, but it probably wasn't.

See, the last time I was ever close in a fix like this I was in sixth grade. God, that seems forever so long ago.

I was at a basketball tournament and I was with my friend Skeet who has moved to San Antonio, last I heard. But anyway, he was the guy who could get the girl and chat'm up and what not. Feed them a crap load of stuff about himself and get a girlfriend in like five minutes. But then the romance would end about 45 min. later. Guess who got lucky? Me.

Yeah, I think that was the day I learned to kiss and by the end of the day, it was French kissing(but shhhhh..don't tell anyone). Man, that was hot. Even now when I think about it. God, I know I was grinnig so hard. I must have looked like a monkey. But oh well, thank God their was not a mirror around. It was just all breathy and mind blowing, at that.

It could have been so cold, man. You know, this girl finding out about that girl. And they'd all came through Skeet first. Cause I was the kisser and the not the fighter. I don't know what it was about that day. I don't think we won the tournament. But man, it was the moment. And that moment has passed now.

That's the extent of my great love life. I doubt they remember my name even. They probably remember Skeet though. How could you forget a guy like Skeet? He had the right look. Confidence. Man, I should really call him up, sometime. Doubt he even remembers me.

I don't really want to kiss an ash can. Sarah. Well, I keep telling myself that, but I hardly notice the smoke at all when I'm around Sarah. Kind of like I hardly notice at all when Ellie starts up about Eric. Its like I just keep watching how animated her face gets and she's got this little cute wiggle in her nose. Its like it all goes in one ear and out the other.

OK, gotta stop thinking about her since it does me no good to think about her, and yeah, she's a friend. We're good friends.


All right, I know nothing is going to happen. Nothing. Don't even know why I make the effort. But man, when she smiles at me sometimes, I really think I know who she should be with, and its not the other guy.


UmassSlytherin said...

oooooo yay!!!! please have him talk more about Ellie!!!!!! :) :) :) I love this update, so sweet! Can't wait for more! :) :) awesome!!!!! so glad you decided to start this story!!! :)

Meghan said...

You're a good writer.

Lonnie Love said...

Thank you Meg for reading and he comment. I do so appreciate it. Hope you stop by again..and hope you have a blog here at blogspot soon, too.

autumn said...

lol @ grinning and looking like monkey. hahaha.

i definitely love lonnie. i like the way he thinks. *grins*

ellie said...

oh lonnie!

taffy. said...

i just love the thought of lonnie frenching a bunch of girls!
i think this year will be his year.