Sunday, August 17, 2008

sometimes, you just can't help it

Against my bitter judgement, I went out with Lon. Yeah, my first time. I thought it might be a way to, you know, show my brotherly love. Just didn't know it would mean dragging his sorry ass out of a poker game at two in the morning. He was drunk as a skunk (I do mean stinky) and he'd been cheating. Believe me, they emptied his pockets before we could get out of there. Sometimes, you do not want to be Lon Love. Definitely, last night was one of those times.

He was playing poker with some wetbacks. Yeah, they still get called that here. It was this secret room in a barn. Kind of freaky. And when we went there he'd wanted me to play too. Wanted me to help talk Tex-Mex which uh, I don't know really that much. He was talking them up. All friendly. I could hardly take it. I have no idea where he knows any of them from. It was on some ranch in the middle of nowhere.

It started out we were going to go rabbit hunting. He always says that to my Dad. Now I know what that means now. Something entirely different.

So I left him. Went back to my real house and just hung out there, thinking I should be at the nursing home, but I haven't gone yet. Next thing I know my cell is ringing like at two in the morning and he's needing me to come get him. I barely remembered where to go.

It was a real headache.

So I have a half brother with a drinking problem and gambling problem.

And now I know, you can get sent to jail for screwing around with somebody who's fifteen. Well, that is if you're twenty, which Lon is. But the thing is, she'd told him she was seventeen. So I guess he thought he was safe. Only he wasn't. Just one of the minor things as to why he has come to live with the Love family.

Gotta love it.

Yeah, I know, just couldn't help myself.


Cady Lola Cep said...

Ah, a new story! Very nice. I like.

simon n josh said...

that lon does sound like trouble.

keep writing.

UmassSlytherin said...

wow lonnie is a bad boy!!!! he better watch his step!!! :) great update!

autumn said...

i just hope Lonnie won't get into trouble. but this is really getting interesting. loving it so far. =]

taffy. said...

oh god, lon.

he's interesting, though!