Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What was I supposed to do?

My step-mother, Lauren gave me cash for babysitting. I am shocked. Didn't see that coming. It was like, "Really?" And I almost said, "You don't have too."

Glad I didn't cause Homecoming is in a couple of weeks and well, that'll come in handy. I'll just have to babysit more, I suppose.

She likes me. Evidently.

I did not know this. But she likes me more than Lon which is easy to do cause you have no idea what kind of mood this dude might be in. I mean, he's not psycho, exactly. He just likes being left alone. Sometimes, he'll get in these moods where he wants to practice with a chain saw.

It was before I got here, but there was an incident that Logan ended up in the emergency room over Lon's love with the chainsaw. He had a few stitches in his chin. Since then, Lauren doesn't want her kids to go near him.

I don't think Lon wants to be near them, either.


UmassSlytherin said...

lol "lon's love with the chainsaw!" lmao!

love this story so much! it's so great from the guy's point of view, I love it! :) well-done!

em the skerry person grr said...

yeah actually i was born on the east coast. even though i lived in california for awhile though but i lived in a lot of places but i lived int exas for awhile and i loved the last episode of last season it was very interesting. but i loved last night's episode even more cappie in a cheerleading that was funny

anthony luvs johanna said...

What will Lon do next?

Golly Gee It's Krissi Marie♥ said...

Thanks:-) you too♥

taffy. said...

i love love love lon.
and it's good that lonnie is making connections!

autumn said...

rotflmao @ the chainsaw. i thought Lonnie was just kidding. until i read about the emergency room. lol.

Charlotte said...

You write very well.