Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have been warned by Jen. I am not to take Sarah to Homecoming.

"I think you should take Stephanie." Jen told me this between World History and English.

You see.....

1. Jen is going with Jared since they both have significant others in far away places like Florida and Dallas.

2. Jen thinks Steph hates most of the boys on the football team. Steph hates football.

3. Jen is certain Kurt from Speech class is gay.

4. There aren't all that many to choose from at school.

5. Trisha is dating Jordy so he's off limits.

"Well, what if she doesn't want to go with me?" I couldn't help but ask. I mean, she doesn't look interested. I'm not sure I'm interested. I hate this crap. Did I really have to have a date?

I told her I was sick, which I am. I don't want to think about all this right now. And I'm sure if I asked Sarah to go she'd think it was just a pity case. Why even go.

God, I think I have a fever. Hot one moment. Cold chills the next. Why does Jen always have to run the show?


UmassSlytherin said...

I love this stuff, it's so Dawson's Creek!!! (have I told you that before? You should know that coming from me that is the highest of compliments! hehe)

well done, as always! :)

autumn said...

i got the same question. why does Jen have to run the show? -_- lol.