Monday, August 25, 2008

who would it be now

OK, It was cool. The game. You know, same old gang. Nothing new. Its just six man football and all, and we don't even have a marching band. It wasn't a real game, anyway.

So uh, I'm there, and Logan and Lori are, you know, busy with their friends. I mean, I knew where they were. It wasn't like I was neglecting them or anything.

Anyway, my Mom's little brother shows up. Jay. Which kind of freaked me because I have not seen him in forever. I thought he was in California or some place out west. Maybe even Canada. He travels a lot. Never keeps in contact. My Mom says he's no good. And well, I just remember him when I was little.

Just think about him out on the porch smoking a cigarette. Or sleeping a lot. I don't know what the deal is with him. I don't think he ever went to jail or anything. He knew a few people who did. My Mom just said he's trouble and she hated to admit he was her little brother. And he dropped out of school and just left. It wasn't like he ran away or anything, but he was just never there. Even when he was. He really wasn't. I guess.

So he's all, "Hey, dude, what happened to you?" He's patting my back, looking me over. "You grew up?"

Jay hasn't changed one bit. He looks just like I remembered. Maybe his hair is a little shorter, but not much and naturally, he's smoking a cigarette, all cool like. He is the definition of coolness. Its just... so who in the hell cares, anymore. All his friends are gone. His wife left him.

1. doesn't have a job.
2. he's a loner.
3. he might be bad news.

But.....he's moved in to my house. My grandmother's house which really blows as far as I'm concerned. I mean, why should he be there, you know. I mean, if anyone should be on that place its me. Not him. But there he is, like "this is all I got, man..." I don't know what to think.

It was a good visit, sort of. If I stop thinking about what he's got and where he is. I just hope he doesn't burn the place down or something. I mean, I guess he's supposed to be there. Says we'll go see Nanna at the nursing home.

At the moment, I don't know who's the lesser to two evils, having to put up with shit from Lon, or hanging out with my bum of an uncle, Jay.


Cate said...

i can't help liking guys like Jay. if heath ledger was alive, he could play him. that's what i imagine Jay looks like, anyway. hey, i'll make a list of who could play every character in your story, that might be fun!

UmassSlytherin said...

I think Jeremy Sisto would make a good Jay! :) :) :)

Great update, love it!! :)

Kira Fashion said...

so fantastic!

a kiss!!

Cait said...

Oh, cate..what am I gonna do with you..well, I've have james duvall in mind for Jay. He fits a more "cool" type I'm going for. I loved him in Nowhere and Doe boy..but it would be interesting to see who you'd want to play the parts.

autumn said...

lol. interesting family members he got.

taffy. said...

i LIKE lon!