Thursday, September 11, 2008

here's the deal

Guess who has a boyfriend? Charlotte. We had this long talk on the phone. We hadn't talked since the rodeo dance when she saw me with Ellie who she thought was my girlfriend. I don't know how she got that. If that's not enough, Ellie thought Charlotte was my girlfriend. What did I do that night?

"You should ask Ellie," Charlotte says. Hmm, I don't have the bucks to fly her out here for our lame-O Homecoming. And of course, I had to tell Charlotte. "She has a boyfriend too."

Man, my heart is sinking here. God, I hate when I get like this. But its nothing new. I am used to this depressing mood of mine, and its not gonna change. I have to go with Stephanie. Its making me all freaked.

1. she never says a word to me.
2. she is always reading the twilight series. always.
3. i definitely am not her edward cullen.
4. she's new so i have to be nice.

OK, maybe I'm always nice, but you know, the kind of nice where.. we are a proud people nice ....welcome to our school spirit... crap. I could never run for president. Its so artificial.

Thank God I don't have to wear a tux.

Maybe she'll say no.

That'll hurt even worse.

I wonder if Jay ever went to homecoming. I'll have to ask him about that.


Cait said...

who knows who her edward cullen would be though....

autumn said...

why do i feel sad for him? why oh why? can i hug Lonnie? I can be there for him? i would love to. lol.

Aurley said...

AHAHA. I literally LOL'ed when it said "Im not her edward cullen."
You go girl. ;D
And Im class president! D:
But, at my school I actually do stuff.
All my free periods (The few that I have) are packed with meetings, and I have one every thursday morning before school. Good times.
Oh and thanks so much for reading Abelia Mabel. I just posted my first segment bit. I really would appreciate if you told me what you think?
Youre an amazing writer. :)