Tuesday, September 9, 2008

in a fix

All right , I know what everyone wants me to do. See what happens when you go to a small school? People decide things for you. It doesn't help that there aren't a lot of choices, anyway.

OK, maybe I could get Charlotte in town to go with me. I guess she would. Probably wouldn't. We go way back. She's like the sister I never had. And we started school together. But then I moved. Then I move back, and she moved. But still we've been friends. She writes stories. I read them. She is sort of a stay at home kind of person, too. But she can dance.

She's, um, a big girl. Most of my friends say things that I don't want to listen to. Like, "No way, could you like her, she's too fat." Well, she's big. But she can so move. I like dancing with her. She makes me smile. All that confidence. Makes me a better dancer too.

She's athletic. But she sweats a lot. Which I think is why she just likes staying to herself.

But she won't go. She hates my school. Because she remembers how mean some people are. And well, I don't want to put her through that. But we're friends. We are friends. I guess. I hope we still are. Hard to say since she never talks to me anymore. Suddenly, I'm one of them. And she gets in these moods. She's hard to figure out.

So I had offered, I'd go to her homecoming with her if she'd go to mine with me. Naturally, she hasn't gotten back to me. Guess I'll wait a few more days on that one. I know, I gotta get this done. Or it'll be hell to pay. Because, I'll have to go with Stephanie.


autumn said...

i hope Charlotte goes with him. what's wrong with being fat. people really tend to be judgy.

sydneydoll said...

i go to a large school but have a small grade
mine has 88 in it compared with the usual 100
i know a school with 250 in each year!

Cate said...

agree with autumn! it's so great of him not to be as prejusdiced as the others. can't wait to hear more about stephanie...

UmassSlytherin said...

glad to catch up with lonnie! this chapter is just....simply excellent! I love it so much. Your descriptions of the characters make them really come to life! well done, ellie! :)

Cate said...

...and i've never thought about it that people decide things for you when you go to a small school - but it's true. i don#t know what you consider a small school: how many students are there, approximately, at lonnie's school?