Saturday, September 13, 2008

it'll be interesting.

I'm really getting good at this silent treatment with Sarah. She looked at me Friday. But I said nothing. She kept staring though. It was at lunch. I don't think I had anything on my butt.

I did what I was supposed to do. I asked Stephanie. She said yes. I have a feeling she knew she was supposed to say yes.

Why is it always me? You know, its always.."oh, we'll get Lonnie to do that. He's dependable that way." I don't want to be dependable. For once I want it to be where I get the girl I want to get. Is that so hard? Am I making too much out of it?

It could be worse. A sworn enemy. Like Lon. Yeap, that's Sarah's sworn enemy. I know it.

He's been keeping to himself. I have no idea if she ever told him about what she told me. He has to know. Maybe he never knew.

I don't know how I feel about Sarah, anymore. I want to like her, but I'd hate for her to really hate me. And she must really hate Lon. And I'm beginning to think its for all the wrong reasons, but I should stay out of it. Its their problem not mine. And I should be happy, I have a date for homecoming. Possibly another date at somebody's homecoming. I haven't even met Shannon yet. Don't even know how to get to her house.

I should be studying and not thinking about this. That's what I'm gonna do. Stop thinking about this. If only I could.


autumn said...

is a date really a big deal? please go studying. and stop thinking about it, lonnie. lol.

autumn said...

i wish i could be lonnie's sister so there would be someone for lonnie to talk with. ^__^

Aurley said...

Doesnt want to be dependable??
I can see where hes coming from...
I like how this is from a boy's point of view. The simplier sentances with lots of breaks make it so realistic. Oh and dont forget the confusion, but I guess that can go for everyone. :)

blue hearts said...

What will be come of Lonnie if he stays this way.....