Monday, September 1, 2008

little things

I have strep throat.

Lauren took me to the doctor. I felt bad about that. She had to take off from work. I really didn't want her too, but she kept insisting. I think she's mad at my dad now. Over me. How he could care less about any of us. I didn't know she could get that loud.

I hope they don't split up because I wouldn't want to be here if she wasn't here. It would just be this horrible life sentence to have to be around him all the time. I don't want to ever be like him.

We really have nothing to say to each other. We just don't. We never will. God, why am I writing this. I might have to blow my nose again.

Why is it when you're sick all this negative stuff just pours out of you, huh? Bet Lon has never had a moment like this.

Anyway, I don't think Lauren would leave with Logan and Lori. But its there. It could happen. I know it could.

I have to stop thinking about this.

What is it with me? A woman makes me tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich and I consider her family. She took my temp too and she felt my forehead. See its little things like that ..that keep me going.


Cate said...

it's little things like that that keep me going too. it's ridiculous how grateful i am sometimes.
yeah, i've started school on the 21st of august... :( you?

Cait said...

feel better soon.

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Oooooh I hate getting ill, I hope you get better soon. One of the upsides though is you have a good excuse for layering up in loads of comfy clothes :)

UmassSlytherin said...

well in his defense: grilled cheese and tomato soup is soooo good!!! :)

I love this story so much it is currently one of my favorites! well done!! :) so sweet!

autumn said...

aww. nobody would care for me when i'm sick. just like last week. because i still had to be in the office even i was sick. and only my ever-reliable Starbucks mocha frappe that keeps me going. lol. anyway, i hope he gets well fast.

Cate said...

well again? i hope so, very much... and i hope that his parents don't split up...please...

santra navas said...

hai...nice blog...but not as good as mine....just kidding haha

sydneydoll said...

thats very kind of her.


strep throat sounds awful.

best wishes.