Friday, September 12, 2008

lordy me

"Let me find you a date," Jay thinks he knows best. Is he kidding me? This would really be wrong because people are really expecting me to ask Stephanie to this thing, you know.

"Well, fuck them."

"I can't do that." Do I want everyone to hate me?

"But you have a choice." He's so into this kind of stuff. Wish I'd never brought it up. Should have talked to Ben, but I never see him anymore.

Jay even got on the phone and called some girl. I refused to talk, but he made me say hello. I don't even know her. I never met her. She's some daughter of some friend of his who he used to work with.

God, what has he done? This is ridiculous.

I have a date Saturday night with her. This is freaking me out.

He says, take that Stephanie girl to Homecoming. But now I'm taking Shannon to her Homecoming. Which is coming up.

I gotta wonder if he's getting any money out of this. Maybe he's pimping me out and I don't even know it.


autumn said...

lol @ pimping him out. can i just be his date? haha. ok, i'm just kidding. but i hope he finds a date soon. but like what i said before, to a girl who deserves to be his date. ^^

autumn said...

hope you enjoy your weekend. i hope i can relax this weekend, but i'm not sure yet. since some of my staff will be working on sunday so i guess, i have to monitor them like i have to work from home. sigh.

Cate said...

oh gosh, being him, i wouldn't want to go with stephanie. if she reads the twilight series. ugh. LOL, no, just kidding.
jay must be really annoying, always wanting him to go out with someone.

UmassSlytherin said...

LMAO!!! "pimping me out!!" so funny! love this story, awesome! :) so great from the guy's perspective, I'm loving it! can't wait for more! :)

Aurley said...

Haha, too many girls?? Pimpin can be hard at times... Hope it all works out for him. =]

Krosemarie said...

I like this blog a lot, I will defintly stay posted!!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog too!