Monday, September 22, 2008

Note to ME

REMEMBER you will not be talked in to going out with Shannon again. Never. Nada. No. Even if she calls you like twenty times in one day. Did I mention she has a younger sister Shelly and she's been calling too.

TELL Stephanie you are only doing this because..because you want her to have the best Homecoming ever. Not that other reason that Jen told me too.

MAKE SURE Sarah remembers that you LOVE her. Because she has to be told this every-time you end a phone conversation, at lunch and well, before you go to bed. However, she might call you a couple of times after you go to bed, too.

DO NOT MENTION the word SARAH around Lon. It makes him throw things, kick things and get really steamed.

I hope this gets better instead of worse. Am I even going to school to learn anything, anymore?


autumn said...

he really got an instant gf. i like lonnie. at least he knows how to be true to his words. how nice of him.

UmassSlytherin said...

so funny! I love this note!

Cate said...

SHELLY? Another girl starting with S? Ellie, now I really wanna know: Is this coincidence or design???
And oh, Sarah seems to be a bit annoying. Calling so many times a day... And if he even has to make a note to remember to tell her that he loves her, I'm pretty sure he doesn't love her. I mean, I'm sure he LIKES her, but I don't know if he loves her. She seems a bit possessive.

Diana Coronado said...

What a casanova !! hehe

Sydney Speel said...

yeah and don't mention the word MARIE around Sydney.

keep writing!

Cate said...

Oh, OK. It's Shannon. I was wondering. Were you maybe reading "gossip guy"? There's a Shelly there.

~*Live2Love2Laugh*~ said...

cool blog!
thanks for the comment.
i'll try to keep up with this story!