Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I feel like I'm in a daze of some sort.

The looks I get from people at school being with Sarah. Its like they are saying, "What happened to you man? I used to respect you."

Did they? Did they really?

A part of me doesn't care what they think. I don't guess. Its like I was never on the inner circle, anyway. I always felt I was on the outside. I'm that bastard his grandmother had to raise. What makes it any different now?

So yeah, Sarah is really taking this in stride.

Why is it I feel she's like ten years older than me instead of a couple of months? I feel so damn immature around her, you know. And I know what guys are thinking when they see me with her.

"How could you, man?"

They know their situation. See, its in the code. Unwritten, I suppose. Guys don't date girls who have, well, you know..had an abortion, even a miscarriage. I don't know why its that way. I really don't. Its quite sad when I think about it, but its like they're bad news, or something.

So I'm so tainted at the moment. Getting the silent treatment for the most part. But I don't care. I don't.

And Sarah knows it. I can tell when she smiles at me.

We have each other and that's where its at.


Nisey♥Liite said...

you can only wonder what they think

UmassSlytherin said...

how romantic! I hope they stay together! :) to be honest, from his words he seems more mature than even he thinks!

I love this story so much! can't wait for more!

Cate said...

What? Is Sarah really that horrible? Or better - has she really got such a horrible image? A reason more to stay with her. Who cares what people think?

I know why he feels that she's so much older than him. IT's the life experience.

Krosemarie said...

wow, how romantic!! I love this blog, its amazing!!!

thanks for the comment on my blog too, btw!


Aurley said...

New Name New Name???
Howre you doing, by the way?

And I loved this post!
Amazing title.
Adorably romantic ending.
And tons of great stuffing in the middle.

Keep up the superb writing! I hope these two stick together~ :)

Diana Coronado said...

Hey romantic !!
I´m back & i´m reading all your romantic stories hehe, it reminds me something like Dawsons Creek

Cait said...

Oh Lonnie we love you more. Lets hope Sarah knows how great you are.

autumn said...

what a guy. an ideal guy that every girl wants to have. aw. i love Lonnie. lol.