Sunday, September 28, 2008

Taylor Swift come and find me

Could we not dance to anything else but Taylor Swift? Not that I have anything really against her, but she seemed to be the most of the dance and a few Miley Cyrus songs to blend in. Oh, yeah, thats where I'm from. Country music for real.

And well... Steph can two-step now. No thanks to me. She really took to Lon which I'm not sure is a good thing. But he can dance. Really dance.

I got to dance with Sarah all I wanted, but then there was Jen and Carly and few others waiting around for me to dance with them too. Yeah, who knew I was so popular with the two-step. I'd like to try some other moves, but we're still country where I come from. There was some line dancing. Crazy. Just crazy. Luckily, we didn't fall all over each other.

Sarah did her best to behave herself. We couldn't leave the building. Strict orders from the principal, Mrs. Walkin. And no kissing are touching of any kind. We were lucky she let us do the two step. Lord knows, no break dancing. Someone might get hurt. Always some restriction. I'm thankful they even let Lon in. Mrs. Walkin certainly kept her eye on him.

But it was fun.

I got a few looks about Sarah but no one said anything. Maybe its over about her reputation. And maybe, she didn't have all that anger in her when she looked at Lon. Really, he is one lost dude. But he seemed to know what to do when it came to dancing with Steph. He didn't dance too close.

He can be a right nice gentleman when he wants too.

So no. No endless kisses with Sarah. We had her home before midnight. We dropped her off first because I knew Lon did not want to deal with her if Steph wasn't in the car. You could just see him chewing at the inside of his cheek from time to time when Sarah was around. She didn't look at him. He didn't look at her.

And we both walked Steph to the door. I got a kiss on the cheek. Lon got one too. I have a feeling Steph won't find a boyfriend around here, though. Its like she's from another world. She'll probably find someone perfect when she goes to college. Like a drama dude or somebody fascinated with writing and stories as much as she is.

But we can be friends.


Cate said...

Oh, I think I really wouldn't like to dance to Miley Cyrus songs. What luck Steph took to Lon out of her own accord. I think the two of them would make rather a cute couple. But the dude she will maybe find when she goes to college sounds great the way you described him too. And I'm glad he wants to be friends with her!

Cool he's so popular with the girls! All wanting to dance with him! I dunno why, but Sarah still strikes me as the jealous type.
Gosh, the principal is really strict. No touching? No kissing? But i see it was fun anyways.

UmassSlytherin said...

so awesome! and I was just listening to the new taylor swift, it's really good! lol

"romeo take me somewhere we can be alone...."

awesome chapter!

em said...

Mwahahaha I am tagging you
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autumn said...

lol @ drama dude. but i thought Lon and Steph did get along well. probably not.

btw, i would definitely get jealous if i were Sarah. lol.

Cate said...

Yeah, that's right about the music. A friend of mine told me that some Disney-singer's song got censored because it had the word "kiss" in the lyrics. Something like "I miss your kiss" or something. Weird huh?

Krosemarie said...

Your writing is really, really good!!! I love this blog, I am defintly going to stay posted!!

Btw, thanks for your comment on my blog!