Friday, September 26, 2008

white lies and other tiny matters

I finally caught up with Steph after school about this whole Homecoming business.

"I hope you won't be angry, but I have to have my brother with me when I go to homecoming. Seems my Dad doesn't completely trust me." I started it out that way since well, I wasn't sure if she did trust me, anyway.

"What?" Steph looked stressed by the mention of my brother.

"Well, he's only my half brother. He doesn't look like me, at all. In fact, he's blond."

"Blond?" She perked up to that idea. I think she likes blonds.

So we're busy smiling at each other over the matter. "It'll be just the four of us and we'll go to the Rowena steakhouse." We wouldn't be meeting everyone else at Zentner's after all. I don't think my friends would take too kindly to me inviting Sarah and Lon to this dinner before homecoming. Talk about a production of a long night. Its got all the fixings for a shoot out. Well, there was a shoot out long ago at the old Zentner's parking lot, but it was just the couple who owned the place. She was the better shot. Not that I'm planning it'll get bad like that with Sarah and Lon, but anything is possible. So we're going to Rowena for dinner. Then back to good old Panther High for the dance in the gym.

And no one will speak of the game because we sucked big time. It was like 48 to 0. Yeah, we never win homecoming games.

"So you won't mind if its the four of us?"

She was smiling. Really. I think she's OK with us. It'll be a foursome, but just don't take that as a sex thing or something. It'll just be me and Lon in the front seat and Steph and Sarah in the back. That way it'll be you know, quaint. Nothing fancy. Steph won't know who her real date is. I just hope Sarah won't be all show around Lon, who promised he would not punch anything. Preferably not me.

Yeah, I told him a wee little white lie. That I was just Sarah's friend. Honestly, after Homecoming and this whole Steph thing is over, I plan on being the best boyfriend Steph ever had.

Isn't that what she deserves?


Cait said...

Glad you could get that settled...I hope.

Cate said...

Panther high is a cool name for a school! But that compromise sounds OK. "Steph won't know who her real date is." - Poor Steph! But I bet Sarah will start to kiss Lonnie or something to show Steph he's really HERS. Let's see! I'm curious!!

Sydney Speel said...

i love your title!!

also, i don't think she took that as a sex thing. ;)

autumn said...

lol. Lonnie is really cute. too funny when he thinks about "sex".

Diana Coronado said...

Anyway i don´t like lies hehe