Thursday, October 30, 2008


Guess who I saw in the grocery store?

I had a talk with Irma. And I don't think they are having sex.........

I just couldn't stop smiling. It was so damn funny. She's asking me what's up with Lon.

How in the hell should I know?

Irma: You know he talks about you a lot.

Me: He does?

Irma: All the time.

Me: Yeah, probably stupid stuff I do.

Irma: No, he seems really proud of you and everything.

I think my mouth fell open when she said that.

Me: oh.

Then she went on about how shy he is with her and how she wonders if he's OK, and what happened to him. See, she was so crazy hot for him in high school, and he never ever gave her the time of day. She so wants it to work out.

Irma: He's nothing like I thought he would be. Maybe he doesn't like me at all.

Me: He talks about you, nonstop.

Irma: He does?

So yeah, she doesn't think it'll ever happened. Something about she's sure he doesn't think she's experienced enough. I felt kind of sad for her, actually. I mean, here is this really amazing girl so crazy about him and he's giving her the cold shoulder, except they are still going out. Just going no where.

Funny, how she was all open to me about this stuff. Its not like I'm running a radio show on sex or anything. But it was interesting, to get the inside info on all of this. It cracks me up, and yet I feel really bad for Irma. I didn't know what to tell her.


Cate said...

They aren't having sex? Wonder how Lon feels about that!!
And I'm always close to tears when I find out that someone talks about me a lot and is proud of me like Lon is of Lonnie. Or of Irma.
Wooow, Lon seems to have improved a lot! Seems he really is in love with Irma- even the biggest macho gets shy around the girl he likes!

taffy. said...


gossip guy said...

Love the lonnie. Wish I could love the lon.

autumn said...

oh, i want to take back what i just said about lon on the previous post. lol @ me. and lol @ lon? lol.