Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bad Ronald

OK, so obviously, I don't think about sex enough, according to Lon.

But has this guy ever been a boyfriend? Honestly? I mean, its a whole lot more than just sex, you know.

Well, he is having sex with Irma and I don't think she'd want me to know about it. Actually. Its not like I'm doubting Lon's capability here or anything. Yet, I gotta wonder if he's telling me all this stuff, trying to figure out if Sarah and I are doing it. I haven't told him we haven't. Didn't say we had either. I don't want to discuss this with him.

And I just.... God, I want it to happen, but then I don't. I just think she might. What if she laughs at me. She could. She very well could, you know.

If that's not enough....

Sarah's mother thinks I should go as BAD RONALD from some movie she remembers from the seventies that her sister used to make her watch every Halloween on video. It was this movie with Scott Jacoby who she thinks I look just like. My hair... I guess. I went on the web and saw a clip of it. He does look like Andy Samberg with a round nose. Ok, so maybe I look like him. Sort of. But he's a nerd in this film where he wears these big round glasses, and he has to live in his house in a secret room because he accidently kills some girl who called him a nerd. Anyway, he's hidden in there after his Mom dies and then a new family moves in and he starts stalking the teenage daugter. I might watch the movie if her mother ever finds it. You know, get in character I guess..Haha. Or just watch it on You Tube.

Bad Ronald


Cait said...

You would so make a baaaaaaad ronald...heheheeee.

taffy. said...

that's AWESOME!

aww, it'll happen. and she won't laugh.

autumn said...

lol @ thinking about sex.

i really like this Lonnie story. coz i simply love Lonnie. lol.

autumn said...

i've watched it. the girl he accidentally killed didn't look like a girl. lol. but it's somewhat an interesting movie despite the old scene. but yeah, the guy looked like Lonnie. teehee.

Cate said...

Heeey! I didn't want to comment until I had completely caught up with Lonnie for the two weeks I missed. And I can't tell you enough how much I love your story. I'm gonna catch up with ellie's eric next.