Wednesday, October 8, 2008

it might work

Well, I talked to Jay about you know who's situation.Lon. And he says he could move in with him because Jay can drop him off and pick him up after work since he works in the same town that Lon goes to at the feedstore.

It really sounds good for everyone. Except, Jay has been known for bad behavior in the past. You know, like driving fast, DUI, he's got a drug record. Its not real big or anything and that was back in high school. Although, his wife was a big drug user for years. I don't think he was the one using then though, cause he was looking out for her kids and stuff and trying to keep a job.

Anyway, he finally got a welding job. Something he's always wanted. So I think he's pretty much on the straight and narrow. Maybe. He seems to be. Cause all he can talk about is his daughter now and how he wants to get to know her before its too late. Who knows, he's even been going to church and I think the new English teacher might be sweet on him(he met her the first Sunday he went and he's been going ever since). So I know he's really trying to be on his best behavior at the moment.

If. That is if..they work out a deal, Lon would have to go to AA meetings, again. He stopped for a while. He couldn't even remember who to call. Well, he was pretty drunk then, so you know, I guess you wouldn't remember something like that.

And. Well, he won't say a word to me. I still think if he hit me he might feel better. Although, I'd rather not have to fight him cause he's really good at it, and he'd beat me to a pulp. Sarah doesn't want that. Still she's afraid to talk to him. And he doesn't want to talk to her unless they can be alone.

Don't know if he's trying to win her back or what.

Wish something good could happen for him for a change.


Liz said...

Lonnie really isn't a fighter at all, is he? Poor guy, I hope he doesn't get beat to a pulp anytime soon.(or ever) lol He's such a nice guy. :]

Aurley said...

Aww, I loved the bittersweet ending!

And a welding job, cute! It gives a lot of personality to the people.
Your descriptions always amuse me.
Well written as always.
And thanks so much for the comment!
I really appreciate your feedback!
Sorry I didnt post in so long.
Keep up with Lonnie, hes a very cool character!

Cate said...

Oh, maybe Lon would cope with Jay. At least Lonnie wouldn't have to stress about him anymore.
I hope Lon doesn't beat Lonnie to a pulp.

autumn said...

lonnie is too kind. he's really my one kind of a guy. too bad i'm married. lol.

Sydney Speel said...

kay & jay.

awww, how cute.