Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the master plan of Halloween

Its getting crazy at school. Well, if you could call it that. I know someone who wants to TP the coach's house for Halloween. Why does that always happen? According to Jay, they've been doing this for what seems like a century.

"Why is that so much fun?" I don't get it. We were hoping for a bond fire at the football field, but we might catch the whole school on fire. It hasn't exactly rained lately. Yeah, so much for country living.

When I was a kid, I remember everyone telling me about this old woman who put razars in the apples she gave out. Of course, I always avoided her house while out trick or treating. Really, I'm the guy who likes to stay home on Halloween and hand out candy. Of course, being way out in the country, we never got any trick or treaters.

This year there is this hey ride, one of the teachers is putting on. Invited everyone out for a barn dance. Like anyone would dance. Not. And if they do it has to be plenty dark. No one dances with the lights on.

So yeah, at least Sarah and I have something to do on Halloween. Thank God, its on a Friday. This week as been awful with homework, studying for test. I hope I don't sleep through Halloween.


aiLee920 said...

nice post... hehe:)

taffy. said...

lonnie= cutest thing ever.

autumn said...

i so agree with taffy. lol.