Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mean while

All right......

I'm thinking.

OK. I know.

I know Sarah is really wanting something more than going to that Halloween dance on Halloween. OK, Halloween dance first. Actually, hay ride first, then dance ...and me.

Yeah, she wants me. BAD.

I mean, its not that I can't handle it. I can. I really can. I know. I will.

Its just uh, you know, maybe she's expecting great stuff. Like super-sonic fireworks. Which I haven't a clue what that might really be. I suppose Lon would. But I'm not asking him. Never.

He's all Mr. Dandy lately with his Irma. I think I might actually like her if she wasn't having sex with him. Maybe its because he talks so much about it, or something. Maybe he just want to annoy me.

He would because he's Lon. Selfish bastard.

OK, we might get along if he wasn't so much in love with himself, you know that. Yeah, we just might. Thank God, I won't have to go deer hunting with him right away. I'm still not looking forward to that.

Its like I feel like getting ready for this mega test that if I don't score well on, well, I might as well shut down, tell everyone I've decided to be autistic and find a whole new way of life.


Cate said...

I think it's good that Lonnie realizes he could maybe get along with Lon - if he wasn't so full of himself, of course, but I'm glad that Lonnie knows why he doesn't really get along with him.
And it's a drag, these worries about sex. But it's natural. Fingers crossed.

Cait said...

I never thought you'd have to worry about such things on Halloween.

taffy. said...

oh, autism...

(i start a lot of my comments like that)

he's so nervous about sarah, i can't wait!

autumn said...

aww. lonnie's so kind while lon is such a piece of shi*t. lol.