Thursday, October 23, 2008

my domesticated life

I think everyone is getting used to Sarah and me. No more talks about how I should dump her. Run from her..anything like that. Of course, I'm not getting a lot of talk from anyone, either, but thats OK. I understand. And yeah, I like spending most of my day with Sarah. Most times.

But she can get in her moods where all she cares about is her stuff and what I can do for her. Which means, driving her places, helping her with cooking and even sewing. Yes, I had to put on her home ec. outfit so she could hem it it. Isn't that just wonderful?

And I have to try her pies. I got sick on her custard pie. It was just too many eggs. I like eggs but not like that. I got sick and all. Yeah, she was mad about that. Why didn't I like it? Well, sometimes, you just don't like certain things. Then she wouldn't touch it. I had just ruined that pie for her. Sorry. Geeze.

I was too sick to even fight about it. Maybe it wasn't the pie, but I just can't go near another custard pie.


aiLee920 said...

as time pass by, you'll both learn how to adjust with each others attitude and love for eternity!

taffy. said...

oh eggs...

autumn said...

lovely couple.

too funny about lonnie getting sick about that pie. lol.