Monday, October 20, 2008

out at Jay's

All right, I spent some time with Jay and Lon. They seem to be hitting it off at the moment. I guess.

They'll eat just about anything in a flour tortilla. Jay had beans in the crock pot spiced with jabenero peppers. Yeap, just too modern cowboys. I guess.

Lon's being real laid back. Of course, I didn't bring Sarah with me because, well...that would be awful. And he was civil to me. Lon.

He seems to be seeing somebody. She's this Mexican girl, Irma who's going to be a nurse. I guess that's working out. Not that we know whats really going on. Its not like he's brought her to the house or anything. But Jay says she's real short. "She only looks about fourteen, but I think they're the same age." I guess, they actually went to school together a while ago, but he didn't know her. I think she liked him back then only she's shy and well, Irma just might be the best thing for Lon.

He just hasn't told me yet. He didn't ask about Sarah, either. We had a nice quiet day talking about deer hunting and such.

Jay got out his guns and we cleaned them. Lon's got it in his head that he's going hunting with me.


gossip guy said...

going hunting with Lon..I'm not sure that's a good idea.

taffy. said...

"lon's god it in his head that he's going hunting with me"

oh lon.
i'm excited :)

Cait said...

This'll be some hunt.

autumn said...

hunting for girls? lol. kidding.

Sydney Speel said...


you're not going hunting.

'she looks about fourteen but i think they're the same age.'


Nisey♥Smooches said...

now u can read the first part of the story :)