Saturday, October 18, 2008

out on the range

All right so it was good at Ben's.

You know, being out in that big wide open space.

1. we got to ride horses. i don't remember the last time i rode a quarter horse, but it was great. made me wish that Sarah and i could go horseback riding sometime. Ben says i can come over anytime i want to saddle up a horse for both of us. just, i'm not sure she could handle Bullet. he's a side-winding pony, half the time. got this need to run like he's in a race. Daisy on the other hand is this old mare who's just most sincere thing you'd ever want to ride. But, Ben says its Bullet that needs to be ridden all the time. i just may take him up on it. At least before winter gets the best of everything.

2. we did not see a rattle snake. amazing. i know. i was pretty sure we would. but there was bare grass, knotty hills of something that looked like balls of hey, prickle-pare and lets not forget about the flood of mesquite trees that make it a right bad time to go through on a horse without tearing your shirt on the thorns, or worst, just cutting your skin open. it happened a time or two, but nothing awful. And the lingering order of skunks out and about. this wilderness is made of more skunks than I'd ever want to see. its looking like it might be a good year for raccoons. that is if you enjoy trapping them and skinning them. that's something Lon is always talking about. He does like to kill things.

3. Ben says he's not leasing out to any hunters this year for deer season. he says i can go hunting with him pretty soon. so we might get some backstrap soon. its not all that gamey of a meat since they're corn fed. its just i hate the shooting part, the gutting part, the skinning part and cutting up all that meat. but i'm pretty sure my dad wants me too and well, i think Sarah's mom is hinting for me to hunt down them some, as well. i guess this year people really do need the meat. and don't go hate'n me if you're a vegan, but its good to ease down the deer population or they die of starvation. its just remembering don't take anymore than you need. really, i'm not a hunter, but i have to admit i can skin one clean and fast, and i'm pretty good at cutting up the meat. my nana taught me well. my grandpa taught me how to skin. its just i've never actually hunted and killed a deer. usually, we just pick one up somebody just ran over on the road. see, old lady Kennedy was always running over a flock of them in her big fancy German car. She doesn't see very well, but she was sure to call us when it would happen. Usually about this time of year. WE could easily have enough meat to last us til February and we'd share it with her and my cousins and lord knows who else. Sometimes, she might hit up to six deer. just a ding in her car and dead deer everywhere. most of it was good too. some of it we'd give to the dogs. oh yeah, the good old days.

4. i think i've used about every muscle in my body. i am so tired. ben gave me a beer and he grilled a fat steak after all that work on the fence. good times. now if he'd only baked a pound cake with those beans. the meal would have been perfect.


Nisey♥Liite said...

that last part made me want stake pronto :)

autumn said...

wow. i missed Ben. =]

Dapper Kid said...

Oooo I would love to go horseriding!

aiLee920 said...

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