Sunday, October 12, 2008

visits and such

Sarah and I went for a Nana visit..where she's staying right now. She looks a lot better. Just a lot slower. I mean so slow. Its a sad slow. And I feel bad about that.

Sarah is afraid of her. She thinks that my grandmother doesn't like her. I think its just hard for Sarah to be around her. She's not around old people often. I told her it was good for her. She looked at me like "are you crazy."

Anyway we spent like an hour with her. I could have stayed longer. Maybe next time, I'll go by myself. You would have thought I put Sarah is some sort of institution we couldn't get out of. She was a little jumpy there.

It was good to go see her. I'm glad Nana met Sarah. I think. She did give her a scary look. Maybe it was just too soon.

I found out from Ben that he wants me to help him with some fence stuff. Hopefully, the rattlesnakes won't be out much. He said we might go out on horseback. Just walk out the fence line and stuff. I haven't done that in a long time. Haven't talked to Ellie in a long time, either. Which, I've hardly notice. Until now.

So yeah, things are good with Sarah. Lon still hasn't decided what to do. Maybe he'll just straighten up his act. Yeah, right.


Cate said...

I can understand why Sarah is afraid of Lonnie's nana. You're always afraid of the boyfriend's family at first.
But I think it would also be good for Lonnie to hang out with Ben. Or talk to Ellie? It seems to me things are pretty good for Lonnie right now.

autumn said...

i agree. maybe it was too soon. oh, he mentioned ellie. i'm still hoping for them. hehehehe.

ivyoaks said...

Sounds like a not so easy visit for any of you. Real, though.

Não Somos Apenas Rostinhos Bonitos said...

We always feel afraid of such a thing!

One BIG Mesh said...

hey!!! got ur comment i fixed tell me wat you think