Friday, October 31, 2008

when does it happen


Why can't Lon be over Sarah?

We had a talk about this Irma situation.

"Why did you lie to me about all this Mr. HOT SEX stuff with Irma?" I couldn't hold back. I thought he was going to shove me, but he didn't. I was over at Jay's, but he wasn't home.

"Thats the way its supposed to be," he winced and I was supposed to accept that.

Then he told me more info than I wanted to know. Lon had sex when he was thirteen, as if thats so much better, than when you're sixteen. And he's been with a lot of girls, and he felt kind of bad that he didn't remember Irma at all in high school.

"I can't let her down," he told me. "I mean, she thinks of me like some pop star, you know."

"Yeah, well, even Jonas Brothers are human," I told him. He's not that special. OK, I didn't tell him that.

"Well, you might lose her if you keep this up," I finally admitted. And then he wanted to know why because he thought it would be the best thing to do. You know, take it slow, get a real relationship going and all.

"All right, yeah, you should. Just let her know you want her, though." Lon didn't know she felt like that.

And then he talked about all this stuff about Sarah and how scared he was after everything that happened. And how he could actually be somebody's father right now. And he was still mad at himself about a lot of things. And how he hoped Sarah wasn't scarred for life. And the fact that she hates him so much. Was that the way it was always going to be?

I just listened. Maybe he knows Sarah better than I thought he did.

This whole thing with Sarah is kind of tricky. But I did get my condoms, just in case.


Cate said...

Jonas Brothers are human ^^ It's hard to believe, but you're right ^^
Poor Irma. I'd hate it if I was her and Lon KNEW that I thought of him as some kind of star. And he obviously doesn't really know what to feel.
But I like Lon more than I did. He's starting to show that maybe he's more than just a pop star.

taffy. said...

i like the statement about the condoms.

happy halloween, love.

autumn said...

i thought the whole post was serious until i read the condom on the last line. lol.

Cate said...

Ellie's Kyle now? Wow. I wonder. By the way, I never knew Kyle was younger than Ellie until now.