Thursday, November 27, 2008

the beast & the feast

I had a dream that somehow I found Lon with Sarah and well, it was the end of everything. I was so mad. Yet, sort of relieved that they had gotten back together. You know, like it was supposed to be.

But it wasn't like that.

Get this, Lon brought along his engagement ring on our hunt. He's going to propose to Irma tonight. I think he's rushing into it. But he says they wouldn't get married til summer anyhow. And honestly, I don't know if he makes enough to support her, but I wasn't going to rain on his parade.

Everybody got a deer but me. Lon says I'm a chicken shit, but I don't care. I just couldn't, you know.

I was ever so glad to get back to the house. Of course, I had to help Lon with his 12 point buck. Yeah, he would. I had to help gut it. Skin it. The works. Its cooling in a tree out back at Jay's now. He's off with Angeline. Her parents were coming in. Guess its an important day for him. He didn't know it was even going to happen til last night. She surprised him. He almost had a heart attack.

He made me trim his hair in his kitchen. I have never done that. And never want to do it again. I told him he looked fine, but he's pretty sure they think he's part Comanche or something.

So yeah, haven't heard from Sarah today. Don't know if I'll call, either.


Sydney Speel said...

the proposal IS coming rather quickly...

☮(:♥♡Su-sU♡♥:)☮ said...

Fast proposal!!
somebody must love someone so much

Cate said...

Wow, Lon will propose to Irma! Woah. That is rather quick, if I may agree with the two commenters above.
I can't imagine what Sarah will be like after Lonnie gets back...

taffy. said...

sarah... this needs to end.