Sunday, November 16, 2008

catching up with the past

Nana says I've changed. I just about had a heart-attack on my visit with her.

You know, what's changed? I wanted to know, but I didn't asked. You know, it could have been something simple like I got taller or fatter or something out of the ordinary like I've got sideburns. Yeah, I do like them. Not sure if Sarah likes them but I don't care. They are my sideburns.

But then, Nana went into how I'm just the young man she always wanted. Really, that's a lot to live up too. It scared me. Is she expecting me to be the president or something? So uh, really freaky visit. And I had just been with Sarah. Like could she smell Sarah's perfume on me?

Freaky, I tell you. Freaky. I just don't know what she's gonna tell me because sometimes, she goes off talking about men I never knew. There was someone before Poppa? Blows my mind. Guess there was.

I must have been with her for hours. And she got me all confused cause I thought she was talking about someone she knew when she was really young. Somebody who became a priest. And that's the Fernando she'd been talking about all this time, not my grandpa...Poppa And on top of that, she met someone that reminds her of Fernando at the assistant living place.

I don't think she'll run off with him. I don't think, anyway. Guess, I should talk to Jay about this.


autumn said...

lol @ freaky. but i guess, nana sounds freaky alright. lol.

wonder how's Ben. i just remember him now. o_O

taffy. said...

hahaha, i hope she does run off!
(sorry, sorry)

i think the sideburns are good.

Cait said...

Oh, thats funny.

Sydney Speel said...

i hope she does... :)

Cate said...

Hm I don't know if Nana means Lonnie has changed physically. I think she means more psychically - I could just say mentally, but that would be too easy for me ^^
Haha Nana does sound freaky...Maybe she's psychic!!!
And I never can imagine my grandparents having been in any other relationship. My parents, okay. But not my grandparents! In fact, one "pair of grandparents" of mine got to know each other at 12 years and also married. So there there was no one else.