Sunday, November 2, 2008

crazy hot

My tongue is sooooooo on fire. Jay made his hot sauce and I just had some. He'd gotten all the peppers and tomatoes out of the garden recently because he thought there would be a freeze. Actually, this was Nana's request. So he made all this hot sauce.


I can't believe its that hot and I'm no stranger to hot stuff. Its just recently, due to nerves and what not this kind of stuff hurts my stomach. I feel bad about that, but I've been staying away from it, but then when I went over and had enchiladas with him earlier, I just couldn't help myself.

It was just the three of us. Jay talked of having a cookout and our "women" to come too. I was just speechless when he said that. What the hell? You know, having Sarah over and all. Lon there. I don't know if we're really ready for that. But Lon seemed all right. That we should really do this "thing".

I guess it would be fine. Hopefully, but I'll have to talk to Sarah about it. If she wouldn't want to, I wouldn't push her. And I don't guess she knows Irma. We do know our teacher however "Angie" as Jay calls and that alone would be just strange. You know, how would she treat us. And what would she do if ...well, maybe I had a lime beer, guess I couldn't drink at all. I'm OK with that. Don't want to make a big deal out of it.

So yeah, the time changed, and Jay didn't even know. We at lunch at eleven. Just a crazy day. I'm off to Sarah's now. Lets see how much more crazy it can get.


taffy. said...

yay crazy!

Cait said...

Hot hot..and I bet it gets hotter.

autumn said...

i don't like hot stuff, too. but i like crazy stuff. woot. lol.

Cate said...

Wow wow. Let's see! If I was Lonnie I'd feel weird about "Angie" too but I think it'll all be quite natural. If Jay likes her, she can't be that awful.