Sunday, November 30, 2008

its a cold quiet place with a warm heart

I spent the night at Jay's. It just doesn't feel like the holidays, no matter what. I didn't meet Angeline's parents. Jay had them out yesterday. He's a nervous wreck now. I've never seen him quite like this. I don't think it'll drive him to drink though. Didn't help that the furnace went out. We spent most of the morning working on the thermostat. I mean, if Nana had been here we would have called a professional to deal with it, but not Jay. Between his fussing and Lon's two cents worth it was quite a circus. I wanted to laugh so bad. First time I've felt like laughing in like a week. It took my mind of Sarah.

I suppose she's heavily sedated at the moment and sleeping a lot. I got as much from her Mom. I don't guess she'll be back to school til the new year. And I'm not even sure if she'll come back. Something about her going to stay with some friends of theirs in Denver. That far away. God. It just doesn't seem real.

Lon hasn't said much of anything. Not even about Irma. He didn't do anything this weekend but sit around and clean his gun and look at his antlers. Actually, he started braiding, leather. I was like, what was that?

Jay showed him how which was something his own father showed him a long time ago. I think I saw him making whips when I was really really little, but I don't really remember how it was done. Anyhow, Lon is pretty good at it and it is kind of interesting to watch. You know, he gets in this rhythm. I'm not sure what he's making. A whip I guess. For himself, no doubt. So I started practicing. See if I could pick it up. I can do it in bouts. Not sure if its something I should even learn how to do.

Other than that, I got a call from Ben and well, I'm going with him to see Ellie at Christmas. He says he doesn't want to go alone in case the weather gets bad and we get in a blizzard or something. It could happen. The roads are horrible in Oklahoma during an ice storm. They are better in Kansas. So on the way back we'll stop to see my Mom and her family. I told him we didn't have to. He told me we did.

And I almost cried about it, but I didn't. So I called my Mom.

If that's not enough, my step-mom called and she talked to me for awhile then made my Dad get on the phone. She must have had a gun to his head or something because she made him say nice things about me and to me. I guess I believe him. But we never talk and yeah, I have to go home. Can't stay with Jay because I have my own room just waiting for me. And yeah, I'm pretty used to that bed now.


taffy. said...

oh lonnie...


Cate said...

Yay, I'm excited for the Lonnie/Ben/Ellie reunion too. Also if it will appear on Ellie's Kyle, because there Kyle now is the principal character... I wonder if he'll mention it.

Ivy said...

Hopefully, Lonnie will get in to the mix with Ellie & friends.

Sydney Speel said...

reunions are the best.

hope your week is going great!