Tuesday, November 11, 2008

just talking

I heard from Ellie. I don't think she likes her job at that department store. She's worried she hasn't made friends yet. It seems all the girls there think she's bitchy which she says is totally not true. Anyway, she has a friend that works at that craft place Michael's. She's hoping to get on there. She didn't say that much about Eric which didn't really bother me. Its not like I go on and on with her about Sarah. OK, maybe I should. But I just don't feel like discussing her with Ellie. Is that wrong?

You know, how it is. You go out with friends and they end up talking the whole time about their girlfriend or their job they hate. Its like what is the purpose? Are they hoping you'll have some sort of solution for them? As if they'd take any advice I might give. Which I don't because I don't want to be there just to hear "Lonnie told me I should do it..." Yeah, like that makes any significant other just waiting to hear what I might have to say. Not.

So it was a short conversation since I kept getting calls from Sarah. And she was all, "who are you talking too..." I didn't tell her it was Ellie. I just didn't want her on my case about it, you know. Believe me she would have been on my case.

Other than that, Ellie is certain that her Dad is going to marry Kyle's Mom, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She seemed a bit off about it. I think its this thought that her parents had been on the verge of a divorce for a long time, which she didn't know. Anyway, the wedding isn't going to be a big deal, or so she says, but usually they are. And her Mom is dating one of her teachers. She saw them where she worked. It freaked her out, so she hid in a clothing rack to watch them. I don't think she likes that teacher, even. At least she thinks her sister's babies are adorable. That was all she said. Don't know how much time she's spending around them. Probably not much. She isn't really doing much with her mom, either. Anyway, it was good to talk to her. Wish we could have talked more.


Cait said...

sweet. that sarah.

Cate said...

Nah, I don't think it's necessary that Lonnie and Ellie discuss their relationships with each other. But I bet those girls at that department store are bitchy themselves if they think Ellie is bitchy! That's really crap if you can't make friends at work.
Anyway, I think it's okay if you talk to friends about your problems, but you shouldn't ONLY talk about the problems, otherwise it becomes tiring for the friends too.
Sarah sounds a bit annoying though. Calling all the time. For me, it's extremely uncomfortable calling anyone on the phone, so I don't think I would call my boyfriend all the time.
LOL, Ellie's mum is dating her teacher and Jay here is dating Lonnie's teacher (Angeline IS Lonnie's teacher, isn't she?)

Dapper Kid said...

Yeah those relationship/job bitching sessions are never fun for the listeners, but I guess you gotta let your friends vent and offer some advice...or at least nod it agreement lol.

taffy. said...

poor ellie, and lonnie is always so sweet.

but is he only staying in the sarah relationship for the sex? (subconsciously, of course)

autumn said...

aw. how i wish they could have talked more, too. hehe.

but i like what Lonnie said about things that don't need to be discussed with friends.