Thursday, November 6, 2008

Little things like that

seawolf - leaves in the river

I've been thinking I don't want things to get old between me and Sarah. But I'm getting old, too. Kind of a paradox. Its just not easy to figure out. You know. Its even scary.

We danced around in her kitchen for the longest time to some of the most unexpected slow tunes. The theme song from Skins and that fun but annoy tune from Shaun of the Dead and Seawolf.It was like a dream. OK, could have been a trance. Just holding her close. Shuffling here and then there. It was the best. I rested my head on her shoulder.

We watched EARL tonight. Still trying to figure out who the dude was that Earl thought he turned into a terrorist. We're thinking it was Hank Harris. Sarah said she'd only seen him in commercials. He was that mentally challenged guy in Pumpkin.

I looked it wasn't him. Sarah will be so happy because she never thought Hank Harris ever looked that scary.

Ewen Bremner , some dude from Scotland who was in Death at a funeral. He's a pretty good actor. He can be scary, but then Mr. Nice guy too.


Cate said...

Things seem nice. I don't think things will get old between Lonnie and Sarah.. ^^ (-> see previous chapter..)

taffy. said...

what a cute couple.
their relationship is sweet :)

autumn said...

if they're getting old, then i'm getting older. oh noooooooo! lol.

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

hi! Thanks for passing by my blog ! Glad you like my poem ! I like your blog :) It;s nice! N ya, congrats on finishing your 50th post ! Lol !

Dapper Kid said...

Aww they are a cute couple :)

Cate said...

Thanks for your comment! Yup we had fun yesterday but you know what it's like... We didn't study thaaat much in the end.. I'm busy at the collages, it's really fun making them! Here it's also cold, but not as cold as it used to be..