Saturday, November 22, 2008

the movie

I just got back from Twilight. And yes, it was everything Sarah hoped it would be and more. I should have expected that.

I mean, we had people coming at us as we are going out of the theater.."How was it?" What can you say? I HATED IT.

It was hokey. And why, why the baseball uniforms? Please, that was just down right humilating. And none of the other vampires do much in it. And Jacob. I liked Jacob. I don't even know who he was. Actually. But it might have been better if you know they killed things and didn't run up trees so much. Vegetarian vampires. That's what they were. OK, they ate animals. I guess that's not that vegetarian.

All right what is the big deal with Edward? Huh? Really, is that what girls want? Someone who might kill you and they are so afraid they are that they just watch you sleep at night and are there to listen to endless conversation. Is that it? Is that what they really want?

I swear, I'm going to wait it out til Sarah is done with me. I'll have to let it be her to decide when its over. Because, I know in my head that is the best idea. I mean, if I just stop this now, then even Lon will ask what happened. And she'll be so sad. And so mad. Really mad.

So I just have to stick it out which is a bad way to put it because that sounds like something sexual when really it isn't.

Why do I have days like this?

But what she really wants is Edward Cullen. And I'll never be that. For starters, I'm not a vampire. And well...Well, reality isn't always as great as it is in movies.

Hopefully, I won't be like this tomorrow.


taffy. said...

WONDERFUL point of view.
wait, have you stopped liking sarah?
or do you just not feel correct for her?
(that was an awkward sentence)

Cait said...

oh..granted Twilight is waaaay over rated. It is a girl know.

oh ..and you and Sarah..what happened?

Cate said...

Everyone is watching Twilight... Ellie and you... And I think I am going to be the only one who won't watch it, because I'm really not that into Twilight.
I think I would be of your opinion, which is that I wouldn't like it. I've seen trailers and so on, and I didn't like the book much in the first place.
Oh... And you wanna end it with Sarah? I think I'd be the same, wanting the other one to end it.
Sarah is pretty crazy to want someone like Edward Cullen instead of you.