Monday, November 3, 2008

the places we go

OK so you think you did the right thing. You were happy. She was happy.

Sarah just about scared the shit out of me. She was wanting to do something in her room, and her Mom was home. Then she got mad at me when I asked if she was crazy. Not the best thing to ask. Talk about going from hot to cold.

I mean, can't we find this happy medium place. Somewhere.

"Then lets go back to that old feedstore," she says. We went for a walk instead. It was warm and breeze. We found this old orange pick up truck, that's like a piece of junk in the middle of a field. Yeah, it was a pretty good time in the bed of that rusty truck. But it was pretty hard and the sun was shining down on us. Might have been better at night when the stars were out.

I'm bringing some blankets next time. I don't think a rattle snake would get us. Hope not. I would say its too cold for them, but I doubt it.

I just don't know if making love in the daylight is all its cracked up to be though. Well, we did have most of our clothes on. You know, just in case. It doesn't help that I get all nervous too. But it was good. Maybe not quite as good as last time. She keeps going on how practice makes perfect. Still don't know where we're suppose to be practicing all this, you know.

Honestly, I'm not going to mention the 30 minutes we might have while Jay & Lon are at work, but I got a feeling she's going to bring that up soon.


taffy. said...

hahahaha, sarah that sex addict!

and how do you practice sex?

Cate said...

LOL I wanted to say the same as Taffy.. And yeah. How do you practice sex? This is a rhetorical question.

Cate said...

Poor Lonnie - I can imagine Sarah scared the shit out of him.

autumn said...

making love in the daylight? O_O lol.

another.ellie said...

I recall someone saying to me...lets practice making love with our clothes we did..heheheeeee.

Cate said...

^to another.ellie: LOL that must've been fun ^^ hehe.