Saturday, November 1, 2008

a rush

When is really a good time to have sex on Halloween? When its already, November?

God, what a night.

1. the hey ride. it was cold. it was cuddly. it was the longest thing in my life. i just don't appreciate these sort of things, enough.

2. the dance. yeah, that was almost a dud. but somehow, we saw it through. no line dancing. YEAH. we just danced. um, I kind of went crazy. and uh, i'm beginning to think i love an audience.

3. tp all the way. first the coach, then the principal's house. the school. yeah, we are so fucked. guess we'll be cleaning up the mess today. but it was so hyped with the guys. you just, couldn't say no. even sarah was in on it. it was just this rush.

4. so it happened. yeah, still on this halloween rush. which might have been a good thing it happened like it did because I wasn't all, you know, what do I do? where do I go? when? it was just this natural course of togetherness. I didn't think at all. and Sarah was all smiles. and I was all smiles and yeah, it happened in one of my most favorite places in the world. the abandoned feed store. definitely kind of spooky in the dark. and I was so afraid we might lose the momentum. but i had my lantern(for those emergencies that you just wind up), old quilt. of course, if the spider had gotten in her hair sooner, I'm thinking it would have never happened. yeah, I'm pretty sure we won't be going back.

I didn't forget my condoms, either.


autumn said...

lol @ lonnie. for giving out the details. *giggles*

taffy. said...

good job, lon!
that darn boy makes me proud.

Cate said...

Cool. Sounds good ^^ Great that he forgot his worries and just didn't think.

Sydney Speel said...

lonnie! you dog!