Monday, November 17, 2008

the Thanksgiving train

Suddenly, it hit me. This Thanksgiving stuff. It'll be here before you know it. And my step-mom has this dinner all planned and I don't think I can make it. Or I'll just be eating turkey all day. Jay will be mad if I don't have it with him. Then there is the deer hunt that'll start like at 4 in the morning over at Ben's. I've been feeling pretty good about it actually. You know, going with Lon. I think we'll be fine. I don't think anything strange is going on in that warped mind of his.

It just takes me back to that moment over the summer when we went rabbit hunting. Rabbit Hunting MY ASS. I'm thinking now those dudes tracked him down like that because of a gambling debt. I was so every thinking we were screwed when they put that big head light on us. I still have no idea who they were. Freaky.

So Ben is cool with all this. We don't see much of each other with his schedule and all. He says he might go up to see Ellie for Christmas. Don't know if I'll be included. Kind of doubt it. I mean, Sarah would definitely be pissed if I did something like that. I think she's got just about everything planned out from here to New Years. On top of that, she's kind of upset about my schedule on Thanksgiving. Somehow, as long as I'm all hers by Thursday evening she's all right with that. At least I don't have to go with her on Friday to San Angelo for Christmas shopping.

God, sounds like Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Its not. Although, several worksheets are waiting for me, so I better get to it.


Cate said...

Cool that Ben is going to Ellie's for Christmas! If Lonnie came too I bet neither Sarah nor Eric would be delighted... Haha I loved that comment on Christmas shopping with Sarah ^^

taffy. said...

i love ben.
i'm glad he's back :)