Sunday, November 9, 2008

the things you do for love

We're going to a matinee. Sometimes, it feels like I'm taking a course in Sarah. You know, her likes and dislikes. How she hates Renee Zelwigger, but she thinks Anne Hathaway is the best actress ever.

And well..I have to listen about how she hates this person at school. How she's the outsider. WHEN WILL THIS KIND OF STUFF STOP.

OK, I like being her boyfriend. I like the sex part too. Yeah. I do. Plain & simple. And I know it can't be all about that because I'd feel like a complete jerk-off if I was that way. Its like this whole new world of complicated stuff to get used to. Its her world.

I just get this feeling she doesn't know mine at all because I'm the one there for her. You know, have you ever felt that way?

I don't mean to vent. But why does it feel a tad one sided. Am I the only one going through this?

I don't dare mention this to Jay cause I think he's pretty whipped lately with you know who. He's so afraid he'll get it wrong. She'll know what a 'bad boy' he was. Who knows maybe my teacher deep down wants a bad boy. I think she does. Of course, I don't want to imagine her with him in bed.


Sorry. Scary image in my head.

OK, so we are driving hours and hours away to see some movie that I don't know the name of that Sarah thinks Anne Hathaway will win some award for. Gotta get ready.


taffy. said...

poor kyle...

autumn said...

i like Lonnie's sense of humour. haha.

Cate said...

Hehe I hate Renée Zellweeger too (I can't spell her name, don't mind me..). But I'm not a big fan of Anne Hathaway either.
I can imagine he doesn't like hearing about how Sarah hates this kid at school. By the way. By "How she's the outsider." did you mean how SARAH is the outsider or how this kid is the outsider? Both ways it would sure be annoying to listen to all the time.
I don't think he only should get used to her world, but she should get used to his world too!
Haha I had to laugh when I read the paragraph about Jay and Angeline and then "God why did I write that."
And I love the Anne Hathaway references at the beginning and at the end. Cool!