Wednesday, November 26, 2008

this about covers it

Is it me? Is it her? Maybe its the weather? Or just that time of year.

Ellie seems to think I miss my Mom. What? I told her no. She should have never called me. I was in a bad mood. She really did try to cheer me up. She kept texting me during the game. And yeah, she did make me smile. Which of course, lead to Sarah walking off.

I really didn't care.

Its like we had this silent fight. You know. She didn't talk to me. I didn't talk to her. Yet we were together. Freaking freaked my friends out after the game. The were so, "Dude, what's going on, man?"

I didn't say. Sarah didn't say. Maybe its over and we just don't want to say it. Could that be it?


Here is a recap in case someone just found this to read.

1. I'm dating my half-brother's ex.
2. they have a history. As in, they almost had a kid together.
3. I had it in my head that I could be the best boyfriend ever, or just the challenge I would be a better boyfriend than Lon ever was. (we just so happen to have the same name. He's lon 1 & I'm lon 2 aka lonnie...if that helps).
4. & we're going deer hunting tomorrow.

So uh, the guns are ready. Why didn't we just go today and get it over with. NOW. Ugh.

I want to sleep late. I want to play video games with my other half-brother (younger)Logan. I'd so much feel better playing something silly with him.

Maybe I am scared. Thats me. I'm scared. Scared about the hunt. Scared about a lifetime with Sarah.

I never thought I'd be this way.


Elle♥Madame said...

i can understand him being scared
sometimes it is scary thinking about the future :)

taffy. said...

i'm glad lonnie is finally figuring this stuff out.

and ellie reappears!