Wednesday, November 19, 2008

whistle while you work

I saw something today. At school. Before lunch. In the library. Two girls. OK, I don't know if anything is really going on and its not like I'm making a big deal out of it, you know. Cause, you know, thats their life and I'm not against it. It was just a pinkie finger thing so maybe its no big deal, not even special, but it looked kind of like that, the way she looked at her. I don't think my mouth dropped openned. And no, I'm not imaging them having sex together. Its just, I am afraid for them. That's all.

I mean, I live in a west Texas town and stuff isn't supposed to happen like that, and if it does, you better be damn sure the doors locked tight and the curtain are nailed shut, cause there are some crazies around here. And of course, they think the ones doing it are crazy while in fact they are so much more crazy.

Like this dude, Tim who used to go to our school. He's not that flamboyant or anything. Not like he advertized it or wanted to be the poster boy for a GAY PRIDE, but he got of flack for it. I mean, the guy didn't even have a boyfriend. And he made these fantastic hats. I bought one from him for five bucks, should have sold it like for fifty something, I guess. And yeah, I got hounded all this shit- I was his boyfriend and crap. That was like two years ago, I think on it now.

He tried to kill himself. He's with his Mom now and they live is Dallas and you know, I think thats where he belongs. I hope. I haven't heard from him. But I don't know, when I saw Liz and Kari, I just thought of Tim. Well, it was on my mind.

See I don't think about Sarah 24/7.


Cait said...

sad but true.

taffy. said...

and yeah... rural texas...
i hope tim reappears?
except i kind of don't.

liz says said...

nah i wrote more. it was just messed up =P by the way i like how honest you are in your blogs :) its pretty cool!

Cate said...

Yeah, you can't help noticing. And so great of Lonnie that he doesn't imagine them having sex together - I bet a lot of guys would. Shows what a great guy he is, once again - that he's afraid for them.
Homosexual haters are horrible people. I know it's still pretty unusual to be homosexual, but it's nothing which isn't normal, isn't human. I have no respect for people who discriminate other people in any way.
On the example of Tim - even if he's fictional - you can see what these people can cause. I'm sure there are a lot of real-lfe Tims out there.

After this post that got me thinkin' so much, reading the last sentence has really made me laugh out loud.

Cate said...

P.S.: I finally finished that post I started making yesterday ^^

liz says read! said...

I can't whistel anymore. Somehow, my braces prevent me from doing that =P grrr. I like how you think :)

Cate said...

Yeah, I'm really into Clémence lately.. I really like her name too! I only saw her in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", but I'll have to check out some other films with her. What films with her do you know or have you seen?