Wednesday, December 17, 2008

almost time

Just one more day. Holiday break. I don't even know why we are going to school tomorrow. Its early out.

OK, I'll be there. I will. I can't really get away to go shopping for someone because even if I could. Not sure what I could get Steph.

See I have to do stuff for my Dad. Feeding and farming stuff. Then Jay wants me over at his house. Its his birthday.

I'm just going to look for something at home. I think. Actually, I was out with Jay at Walmart last night around mid-night. And I just didn't know. Its so damn tricky about this gift giving thing. Especially, when she's just a friend and I don't want her to think I want anything from her. You are probably thinking, you very cheap boy... Well, I'd spent all my money on this circle of diamonds, a necklace for Sarah. They were just specks. Hardly shiny at all. I thought I was getting a good deal off the Internet. Obviously not. I'm sure if I was even able to give it to Sarah, she'd throw it back in my face. Cheap crap. So its just sitting in a drawer in my desk. I might give it to my little sister.

Who knows, I probably won't get anything from Steph, anyway. I know, I'm making a federal case out of it. I don't mean too. At least, I'm not wondering what Sarah is doing for Christmas. OK, now I am. And I'm sure its all my fault that her Christmas will be awful.

God, I'm in such a great mood.


taffy. said...

cheer up, please!

Posh said...

Here is an idea for you. The gift of giving this year. Schedule a day for you and her to volunteer together at a homeless shelter for young children and/or teens. You will have a great time together and you will hold this experience as one of the best things you ever did. The shelters right now need help wrapping gifts, cooking, serving, donating, and more.


Cate said...

Tomorrow is the last day of school for this year here, too! I have to go to school though - we get our reports.
I'm wondering whether Sarah and Steph will give Lonnie anything for Christmas.

Cait said...

I wonder..just when is he going to see Ellie?

Cate said...

Yeah, I'm curious about that too! Is he going there over Christmas? Can't wait to hear about that.
Hope you have a great weekend! Here holidays have started today - we got our report cards.