Friday, December 12, 2008

it was kind of like this

I survived the dentist. All that scraping made me think I must have had the worst teeth in the world. No cavities. Amazing. I'm kind of a soda guy. I'm trying to cut back. Says my wisdom teeth so. He kind of wants to take them out. Don't want to think about that.

Ate lunch with the step-mom. She'd done her best to get my Dad to go and stuff, but no. Not gonna happen. He's gotta work. It wasn't quite a fight, but she told him he needed to start doing things with me before it was too late. He doesn't have to. I'd rather he didn't. I mean, hey, we've made it this far, you know.

So I didn't get to school until after lunch. I saw Steph and...well, it was like being in a tailspin, you know. And she didn't say a thing. Naturally. But as I'm getting out of the school near the parking lot, my cell goes off and its Steph.

Of course, she says first thing, "Don't turn around?" Of course, I see her across the way. I almost waved but instead turned back and walked away.

"What's up?" I was all Mr. Casual, like I can hang up anytime I want to. Of course, I didn't. We talked about the whole week. Classes. TV. People. Last thing she says, "Jen doesn't want me talking to you."

Great. Just great. Who said she was the queen, you know? She wouldn't have survived in Heathers. She'd be a joke on prime time TV. What the hell? I mean, here we are in the middle of no where and she'd have it her head she's in charge of the social circles.

"What do you mean?" I say almost screaming into the phone.

"She says you need to be alone right now," Step says.

"WHAT?" OK, I'm ready to spit some mighty fine vocabulary about and It won't get me any brownie points with Steph. So much violence going through my head. I am most definitely not talking to Jen.

OK, I DID TALK TO HER. Went right up to JEN. Said some really mean things that I'm not sure I can even remember how I said them, but I can guarantee I used the word FUCK more than once. It was something that started with "Where do you get off with this shit...." And naturally, I told her I hated her and it was all her fault why things were the way they were at school.

Did she have anything to say for herself? No. Nothing.

Anyway, I'm going to that stupid basketball tournament on the bus with Steph, and I'm not suiting out just to sit on the bench. I am going to have myself a good time with a friend who is now talking to me.


taffy. said...


steph sounds cool.

*::♫♪♥'.victoria.'♥♪♫::* said...

girls who are like that really irritate me-they lower everyone else's self esteem to raise their own.

and i like your blog! :)

Posh said...

ok, we just started reading you blog and became fans, now who is jen?


Cate said...

I hate that scraping at the dentist's too. And I thank heaven for not having any wisdom teeth yet. The dentists are always wanting to take them out only because they want to make more money.
Jen's a cow, isn't she? I can't believe that Steph does what Jen tells her to do. But I can imagine that Jen can be something of a bully. I just hate it how she thinks she knows what's best for you.
Good you gave her a piece of your mind.

Thanks for asking, the play is going well! Actually, I like my role as the Chinese princess better than the role as the Greek God Hermes, who I'm playing in the other group. Maybe because I like playing girls better ;) I'll definitely ask someone to take pictures at the performances. But the performance of the Chinese-princess-play will be only next spring.

Cate said...

Yeah, my nephews are infants, they're three and one year old. I know, some toys I was planning to give them... But it is hard to come up with something specific.
Thank you for reading my book review! I do recommend that book, I'm sure you will enjoy it. Or have you already read it?