Sunday, December 7, 2008

just friends

Ok. I survived the weekend. Barely. I went to the mall. Actually, I got to talking to Steph Friday at school and well, she went with me.

It wasn't a date or nothing. You know, she had to do some shopping.

She's funny, she kept finding stuff for herself. Then she'd get mad at herself. So she picks all these things like necklaces and scarves for various people she has to have presents with and by the end she was changing this one and that one for this person. I mean, when I get a present for someone, I'm getting just that. I'm not going to change my mind.

So yeah, it was better than I thought. I guess. I got my step-mom some candle. Cost about twenty bucks. I got my Mom the same thing. I know, couldn't I think of anything else? I found a video game for my younger siblings and I'm still not sure what to get Lon. I don't want to get him a knife or a sword. He can be such a jack-ass about stuff like that. Or he was. He's not so hyper as he used to be. But you never know when that might change. I looked at some books on cooking for Jay. Not sure. He'd probably rather have booze or cigarettes. Two things I can give him, and he doesn't need. Maybe I'll find him some thing in the New Braunfels smokehouse catalogue. I saw my dad looking at it in the livingroom.

Yeah, I still think about Sarah, wondering what she's doing right now. Wondering why I had to be the way I was that made her feel so bad. I don't know what to do with myself, sometimes. God, I feel like a Jack White song.

But yeah, Steph is nice to talk too. You know, movies and music, and she so loved Twilight. She can't wait for the sequel.

We're having Sunday dinner. Lon will be here shortly.


Cate said...

Hey, about the pictures in the sidebar: That's exactly how I had pictured Sarah and Lonnie! :)
I'm like Steph sometimes when it comes to buying Christmas presents. I just buy loads and loads of random ones without having a person in mind, and then I decide they're all crap and take them back again.
LOL a knive for Lon and booze and cigarettes for Jay.. Lonnie can even be cynical at times ^^
Steph seems a good buddy though.

Posh said...

That is such a girl thing--- to buy many gifts and later decide who they are for. Too funny! I do that all the time. Smiling


molly said...

haha cute

Laleh n Lauren said...

You know you can't buy cigarettes or booze. But I want to try a cherry bomb. Guess it'll be a while before I can get cherry vodka.