Sunday, December 21, 2008

kind of tired now

I know its late. Guess who I just got off the phone with? Of course you'd know. Steph.

She's um, I don't know. OK, Of course. Just Jen was wanting her to do something with some of them and Steph told her no. I told her she didn't have too. Step says she's better off not doing anything with Jen. So yeah, she's just been doing little as possible. Just eating ramen top noodles because they remind her of me. Yeah, don't want to hear anymore of that.

So uh, I got to hang out with my sister Ava. It just sounded odd calling her that. I know its her name and all, but you know, she's not old. she's like thirteen, you know. We went to the mall. It was no big deal. My Mom wanted me to have a real coat and stuff before I go to Nebraska since its so cold up there at the moment.

Its kind of funny that she thinks about stuff like that for me when we hardly ever talk as it is. I don't know when that happened exactly. Maybe middle school. She used to call like every Sunday. Wanting to know how my week was going and everything. Then it was once a month. And now, well, every blue moon.

Well, I should turn in. I'm kind of tired. I guess.


Cate said...

Of course, it had to be Steph he was on the phone with :D
Great that Steph is staying away from Jen. I would too.
Good too that he got to hang out with his sister... Some siblings are good for shopping. A friend of mine always goes shopping with her big brother, she says he's the best 'stylist' in the world.
It's like that, with the phoning. I also have a friend, we used to telephone once a week, and it gradually became less and less. When we meet, we still get along great though.
I wonder what he is going to do about Sarah. I think if I was in Steph's place I would be offended if he didn't break up with Sarah.

taffy. said...

steph is right.
for you.

i hope your mom starts to call you more.

Vintage Me New You said...

Cool blog you have in here, i like what you're writing about:)
thanks for dropping by on my blog,come visit anytime!
be happy:)

dapper kid said...

I do like Steph. And I really do think the mother cares.