Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday madness

Its gonna be a short week at school. Something to be excited about. I guess. I mean, I am going with Ben on a trip. Later this week. Sweet. I can hardly wait. Well, a part of me anyway.

Then everyone else can get back to regular business and won't have to put up with me for Christmas. You know, the step-family can do their thing. Although, she says we have to celebrate before I go. I told her it could wait. No sense rushing Christmas. But she's real down about it and says it won't be same.

"How could it be, since its never happened." I laughed at her. I mean, I wasn't spending Christmas with them last year, you know. It was just me and Nana. Come to think of it, I've never gotten a present from my Dad, anyway. And I never had to get him anything. God, I wish she wouldn't make a big deal out of it.

I guess we'll have some dinner on Friday. Jay and Lon are coming. Yippy. I don't know, its ham and I'm not really a ham guy. It'll be ham all the way through Jan. 1 I bet. And I'm still not sure if I should get Steph anything or not. Because I haven't. Silly problem. I know. She'd help me pick something out for Ellie, and I didn't really get any clues, you know, what she'd want. Actually.

OK, I better shower and think about shaving..hahahahaaa...


Cate said...

Hmmm... Tricky... I dunno, I don't think you NEED to get Steph something, though she will be certainly pleased if you do. And Sarah? I could imagine she would be pissed if you didn't get her anything.

Oh right - the Trilby hat is called a FEDORA. Now I remember.

And thanks for the tip about what to get my nephews! They'll certainly love the a bubbly bath, and so will my niece and my little cousin :D

taffy. said...

oh shaving...


but like... music?

dapper kid said...

I think it would be nice for them all to have a big Christmas...even if it is an early one!