Sunday, December 14, 2008

on the bus..but almost get off the bus


If I can get my head together now. I'm feeling really lazy, and I'm sure I should still be snoozing, but I had to get up because I've got to go to Jay's for some such reason that I may have forgot.

Why are you like this? You might ask. Not that you would. But maybe you would.


That was some bus trip. I mean it started off swell. Steph loaded up her mp3 player with some great tunes, and she has one of those with the double thingie for ear buds. Sweet. She's got this thing for lots of different kinds of music. Instrumental. Techno. And even Lady Gaga. But she had Gorillaz too and well, it helped for a long trip. That way we didn't have to talk nonstop. Cause I know we would have ran out lots to talk about. And I really wasn't paying much attention to anyone else.

So we get there. And we stayed in the stands. Had Frito pie right out of the little Frito bags with chili, cheese and onion. The best. Then a few hours later we had hot fries drenched in ketchup. All this horrible food you shouldn't be eating, but still the best when it comes to watching basketball all day.

And I didn't suit out. Yeah, the coach laid into me about it. Like what was my beef? That lost me. What the hell? Whatever. I just didn't give a damn. And I wasn't trying to be a show off in front of Steph.

We talked about that later and she said I wasn't. So I believe her.

Anyhow, I met up with Cruz who I have not seen since first grade. And he invited us over for dinner during the last game. Best enchiladas and tacos ever. I think his mom has a secret recipe because they are even better than Nana's. I'm sure she wouldn't want me admitting that. Any how, we had cat wine. Yeah, its not from cats or anything. See, his Mom got a case of it cause she loves cats and one of their relatives works at Old Market and she got a deal on it after Halloween. Its this bottle that looks like a skinny black cat. And you are thinking its gonna be red wine, but its white wine. She's giving them out for Christmas presents. She actually gave me a bottle cause she thinks we like it. Steph carried it around in her messanger bag.

Anyway, we had a story for that. That it was bubble bath if anyone was gonna ask. Thank God, they never did.

Lets just say we were might woozy by the time we got back to the game which was in the last half. We were feeling pretty good. I'm pretty sure I didn't kiss her on the way back cause we both fell asleep.

Steph is one of those kind of people you wouldn't mind traveling with. I guess. She's always up for a walk here or there just to investigate whats going on. I like that about her. She's a bit quiet like me. I wouldn't mind if we took a trip again together. Perhaps I should drive next time since I don't think the coach will let us go on another bus trip.


Lonnie said...

Posh..somehow I couldn't get back with you. So I'll leave an answer here.

First of all, thank you for reading my blog.

who is jen?

Well, she was the one who told me I should be going with Steph to Homecoming. She's the type of girl who thinks she's cupid when she's not. She likes to be in control of everything at school. I suppose.

Anyway, when you are being told to do something, kind of takes the fun out of really getting to know someone new. And Steph is new at our little school.

taffy. said...

steph is so sweet...

haha, is the cat wine actually yummy?

Sydney Speel said...

steph, TRY and be cuter..

wait! you can't!

sorry i've been gone, lon!