Monday, December 8, 2008


Monday. More quiet than usual. Exams to study for. I should be studying, but you know how it is. Anything but. Guitar Hero comes first. It just takes my mind off stuff, you know. I need that. i do. And I'm stuck on that Devil Comes to Georgia song. Its driving me crazy. God, why can't I quit trying.

I've been avoiding Jen. Um, and Kurt kissed someone in the hall and it wasn't a guy. Guess Jen was wrong after all.

Even Steph has been quiet. You know, its like, we didn't go to the mall, after all. No one saw us even if we had pizza at the food court. I know, what more could I ask for? Seriously? I don't know, I kind of liked talking to her after all. Maybe it won't last long. You know. Talking. I'll get over it. I have Guitar Hero, you know.

I kind of wished I hadn't, you know, well, not been that way at homecoming with her. I shouldn't have. It was just I hate when people decide who you should like. I hate Jen. OK, thats harsh, but please, I don't need her help, you know.

So its really OK if Steph never speaks to me again. Its really OK. I have to keep telling myself that.


taffy. said...


hm... steph... i hope she treats you right.

Cate said...

Guitar Hero is a priority before studying, I like that ^^
Steph is a good person, and I got the impression that she's also a good friend.

Natalie! said...

Haha, I'd rather do anything than study too. Maybe not Guitar Hero though.. I'm pretty horrible at it :P But it definitely is something that can keep your mind off of other things.

Posh said...

Deko loves Guitar Hero. He sometimes find that excuse to get out of homework too or whatever.