Friday, January 2, 2009

a chill in the air

I hung out at Jay's. I really think he should have my electric guitar. He has so wanted one and never got one. If only I had known.

Lon's back. Don't know how it went with Sarah. He gave me an envelope that she addressed to me. I haven't opened it yet. I'm not sure if I even want to know. Actually.

Things are good with Steph. She went with me and we had dinner with Jay and my English teacher and well, Lon. Irma wasn't around. Not sure if he broke up with her or not. He's being real quiet. Naturally. Which is so not Lon. Usually, he would have been pretty drunk by now. For the whole weekend. But he says he's stopped drinking for good. Don't know how that came about.

He's going to be totally boring now.

OK, that was the wrong thing to say. I guess.

Anyway, gonna watch the tonight show with Steph and then take her home. Ha, I know what you're thinking..why in the hell are you on the computer right? She's talking to my step-mom. And sometimes, those can be very long conversations.


Sydney said...

want to find out how it went with sarah...

good luck with steph!

dapper kid said...

Open the envelope, it'll be interesting to see what she wrote. And I have always wanted an electric guitar lol.

Cate said...

Oh, nice of Lonnie to be thinking about Jay.. But surely the person who gave him the guitar would be offended if he just gave it to Jay!
And I would strongly advise to open the envelope too.. In cases like this, curiosity always wins over fear, at least with me.
I can't wait to find out how things are between Lon, Lonnie and Sarah.. And Irma..
I hope Steph is getting along with Lonnie's step!

Cate said...

Ok, I'll take pictures of the snow! Before it's gone.. haha.