Thursday, January 15, 2009

I need a Friday to myself

I need a nap. And I don't know why. Actually. I'm just so tired. Maybe its the running. Or my sinuses or Steph keeping me up late. Not really. She doesn't mean too. We get to talking and well, I'm her very best friend now.

She doesn't talk to Jen anymore nor anyone who associates with her. And well, Jen owns the school when it comes to friends.

"I don't want you not talking to anyone because of me," I told her.

She says it has nothing to do with me. She isn't very happy with how Jen does things. I think something happened at P.E., but she won't tell me. Exactly. Other than her feelings were hurt by the other girls. I wish she'd tell me. Just not sure what I could do about it if I knew.

Other than that its cold, but not quite as cold as where Ellie lives. Its like in the negative numbers there. I don't know how she can stand it. She told me she broke up with Eric. She said she didn't even wait to hear what he had to say. She supposed its for good. Actually, she can't believe its over. Maybe she just dreamed about saying those things.

She's nervous about seeing him again. You know, he might try to make up or something. I have a feeling she'd take him back. Maybe. Maybe not. I think they need a break. You know, just this cooling off time. Not that I've ever had one of those. I'm not good with that kind of stuff. Like, I'm any help. Hopefully, she'll figure it out. But she was crying when she talked about him.


Laleh and Lauren said...

I'm glad you're a good friend to her.

Emily Anne said...

Lonnie's sweet. Its good to see that he really cares about Steph and Ellie!

Thanks for your comment...yeah I really liked the mystery of that picture too! xx

blue hearts said...

Lonnie, what a guy..

taffy. said...

hopefully just a break.
not a break off.

i'm glad lonnie doesn't expect too much from steph.

Emily Anne said...

Thanks again for your comments! Im glad you like the new layout! Your always so nice :D


another.ellie said...


I hope those girls don't bug Steph too much.