Monday, January 26, 2009

No name calling

I didn't mean to leave you hanging. About this Steph stuff.

True, she shouldn't have to be put up with the bullying. That is just wrong. But that's just the half of it. So to speak.

See, something happened to her with she was really little. And well, its upsetting. Upsetting for her to talk about. And, well, I told her I didn't need to know. I didn't know what to say. Not even sure how bad it really was.

I just remembered somebody at school when I was in elementary ended up in a psych ward when her Dad kidnapped her and well, a lot of bad things happened. She didn't stay all that long in our class. She had to go to special ed. If you said his name, it would set her off. She'd go in these rages. And sometimes, she'd yell in the classroom. It was just sad, and rather guy wrenching because you knew mentally she was in a lot of pain. Sometimes, she couldn't sit still. She'd scratch her arms so much. Of course, you wonder how much education you're getting when you have someone like that screaming in the classroom. Oddly, one teacher got her to do her multiplication this way when she'd feel like screaming. And it worked, she would always get the answers right. Hopefully, not everyone has had as many strange experiences in the classroom, but iis that one I'll never forget.

You know, its sort of like a stray kitten that wants to be your friend. Who wants to be loved, but runs away instead. I don't know if it was ever like that for Steph or not. But that's behind her now. And well, I went to the principal about it today.

Its the first time I ever went to the principal. I told Steph. She didn't want me to. I said I had too. Its not like they have to be sent to the office. I mean, couldn't they be enlightened on well, bad things that happen to people and you should respect them and try to treat them better. Well, just to be positive would help.

Anyway, nothing has changed between Steph and me. I don't want it too. I just hope we can, you know, be happy. Not stir up something that's just going to bring us down. I think of her as a survivor and yeah she's an amazing person. Always will be.



taffy. said...

steph... it's wonderful lonnie's there for her.

Cate said...

Aw... That makes it all the more hard for Steph. Poor Steph. Girls are really
That's one strange experience with the multiplication...
Lonnie's done the right thing, going to the Principal. I hope the principal is a decent person.

dkdc said...

Oh..that must be hard for her.