Thursday, January 8, 2009

a running start

School is killing me. It just is. Maybe its because I was away so long on break. Without Steph. Getting myself back together over Sarah.

I guess all is forgiven, but I really should write her a letter only I don't know what to say. And not sure if its exactly something to bring up to Steph about. So I haven't.

So yeah, back to running laps and what not. God, they want me to the distant running thing. I'm like the only one, too. Isn't that special. Coach says I have the body for it. I had a long laugh over that one. Which he thought was silly and made me run more laps. Can't a guy get a break?

I'm off to a running start of the new year.

I'm in dire need of sleep. I swear I'm coming down with something. Just don't know what. I don't think I caught anything from Ellie nor Kyle. She did give me a call other night and we talked more then than we did when I was there. Crazy. I don't think she told me everything. She just talked about movies and music and that sort of thing. You know, like she had to get her mind off something else. Then she said how happy she was for me and Steph, but she sounded really sad about it. I didn't know what to say. I don't know if I was any help. I told her to talk to Nick. Not that I have anything against Eric. Its just I know he considers her a friend. And she just needs a friend. I wonder if she'll talk to him.


Cait said...

definitely running for sure. I wonder if you know something..we don't about ellie...

taffy. said...

ellie again, i hope she's okay.
it's weird that elliot turned out to be the way that he did. i actually like him, i think. but he may just be a passing character.

she does need a friend.

Cate said...

I hope you get used to school soon! I was actually looking forward to it, but I'm having trouble with my sleeping pattern.
I don't think Steph is the right person to talk to about Sarah either. Why don't you try talking to Jay?
Aw, running more laps... P.E. really scares me. It's my least favourite subject.
I really hope 2009 will bring good things for you-
About Ellie.. yeah there are those kinds of friends who you talk to a lot over the phone or by letters but when you actually meet, you don't really have anything to talk about. Maybe it's because that when you call, or write a letter, you actually have something to say, and you just don't when you are constantly confronted with a person.

Emily Anne said...

I really love your blog and hearing your stories as you live them out each are a fantastic writer and can't wait to hear more. Thanks for your comment by the way. Can i add you to my list?

Wana said...