Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So now...

I so wanted to have it out with Jen today. I just don't know if it would do any good. She's such a bitch.

She's such a control freak. Don't know what she told all those girls about Steph. Or me. But nobody is talking. Just those stares.

OK so we're not gossip girl and no one is taking pictures of anybody on their phone. Just the same some people are evil. Evil.

If Jen was a guy I would have beat her up by now. I tell you.... Of course, the guys are no help, either about this Jen shit. Leave me out of it...all I got to day from everyone. Even Steph is being all so silent too.

I just don't get it. I thought we were past it. You know.

At least we had a good day off on Monday. It was good to be with everyone even Lon, but he's in this mood. Not totally awful, but a mood. I guess he's OK. He didn't pig out like I thought. I mean, it was pizza. Its like he kept watching to see if anyone was watching him. Go figure.

I asked Steph if she noticed.

"How can you not notice Lon," Steph just smiled about it. "Maybe its just hard for him to live up to his reputation." Yeah, she knows about all the stupid fights he's been in. The drunk things he used to do. And now he all a bit sullen and almost calloused. He made small talk a little with Steph.

I guess he's OK. He hasn't said anything to me.


taffy. said...

I think Lon needs to see Sarah?

Laleh & Lauren said...

I hope you get to the bottom of this..& with Lon..too.

Cate said...

I think it really needs a girl to confront Jen. Or maybe.. a boy is not so bad..
Argh, don't listen to me ;D

Cait said... just want to save the day.

Emily Anne said...

Lonnie, I think you need to either solve this little problem now by asking Steph what exactly it is. If she doesn't care then you shouldn't either. Don't worry about what people think about steph and your relationship. Thats my opinion.

I hope Lon gets things straight too :)

Cate said...

Oh by the way, I have a question about your comment on my "What do I get-post". You wrote:

Kirsten's outfit is better but I like yours better.

So which one do you like better, Kirsten's or mine? :D No offense intended, of course. I'm not an offensive person :D

Have a great weekend!